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By Marta Vago on July 23, 2018

Nothing expresses more clearly who you are and what you value than how you use our time. Our use of time tells no lies. We can’t say we value our family if we spend no time with them. We can’t claim we value physical fitness if we devote no time to it. We can’t state we value our friends if we allot no time to be with them.


Whatever you give your time to is what life returns to you multiplied. If all you give time to is work, you’ll get back more work. If you give all your time to responsibilities, you’ll get back more responsibilities. However, if you give time to love, you’ll have more love. If you make time for friends, you’ll have more friends. When you make time to nourish your health, you’ll enjoy better health. When you take time to luxuriate in life’s riches, you’ll receive more of life’s riches.


It is also important to recognize that who you are today is not only who you are right now, but also who you are about to become. Therefore, live your life in such a way that you’d never have reason to blame yourself at one time for something you did at another time.


Finally, commit to making decisions that promise to benefit you the most over time; working on projects that are likely to bring you the most satisfaction over time; and developing the kind of friendships that would fulfill you the most over time.


In other words, commit to making the best use of your time over time.