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By Marta Vago on May 28, 2018

It is the choices and commitments you make mindfully and consistently that create the self you want to experience and live with today and going forward. The following list highlights aspects of you that are important to protect and nourish.


Self-respect: letting nothing or no one ever compromise it.

Self-image: letting it always express and reflect how special and unique you are.

Self-reliance: working always to improve your abilities, your skills, your knowledge, and your excellences so that you may be ever more reliant on yourself.

Self-confidence: letting yourself learn more and more, do more and more, and be more and more, so that you’ll have more and more to be confident about.

Self-worth: acknowledging your worth as a person, as a friend, as a colleague, as a family member, and letting no one ever discount or undermine it.

Self-esteem: recognizing that no one can damage your self-esteem without your consent and that you’re more likely to do it yourself by imagining perfection in others while seeing only imperfections in yourself.

Self-nurturance: making a commitment to nourish yourself every day through what you do, whom you’re with, what you give to yourself, and what you give to others.

Self-command: seeking every day in every way to take more and better control of your life, your time, your energies, and your priorities.

Self-improvement: dedicating yourself to become a more aware, more authentic, more spontaneous, more wise, more interesting, more able, and more joyful person.


Be the best you can be: Yourself.