Trusted Advisor to People-of-Accomplishment and Family Enterprise
marta glacier
marta glacier
First Business Bank

1st Business Bank

“Thank you very much for making a terrific presentation to the 1st Business Bank Account Officers. As I mentioned, this was the first time that I have seen a guest speaker applauded.”

Family Firm Institute

The Family Firm Institute

“The attendees were impressed by the intellectual depth of the presentation, Healing Relationships Through Organizational Transformation. Many thanks for your contribution to making this conference a resounding success.”

California Governor Seal

Governor Pete Wilson

“You serve as an inspirational mentor and role model for the women of California.”

National Family Business Association

National Family Business Association

“You were a hit Tuesday evening. Your insight into the issues of family and couple businesses affected the members deeply.”

UCLA Anderson School of Management

UCLA – The Anderson School of Management

“As always, I personally value your intensity, insight and energy, and the outstanding synthesis of ideas drawn from many fields – literature, psychotherapy, and daily experience – that your presentation brought to those attending.”

SMED International Logo

SMED International

“This is a bronze sculpture that we have had commissioned by a prominent local artist, Alexander Caldwell, which we present to those exceptional people who we want to honor with our measure of esteem.”