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By Marta Vago on May 14, 2018

A winning formula for your business may be a losing proposition for your relationship.

In a relationship as in business, if you don’t know where you’re going, you probably won’t get there.

A good relationship is a good predictor of nothing in business.

Just because your business is getting better, it doesn’t mean your relationship is. And, vice versa.

If your business is ailing, keeping your relationship healthy is more important than ever.

You can’t fix a problem at home by solving a problem at work. The reverse is equally true.

Business and pleasure canmix – with good ingredients, careful preparation and frequent taste corrections.

Working with your life partner is not unlike making love – you have to be on the same side of the bed.

If you’re not sure which is more important – your relationship or your business – your business will decide for you.

Profit is like good sex: it tells you something, but not everything.

You can solve problems in your business and in your relationship – but not at the same time.

If you use your bedroom as a boardroom, it is bound to become a boredroom.

A romantic interlude with your life partner in the office may up your bottom line. A bottom-line discussion with your life partner in bed will up nothing.

Your life partner can be both your lover and your business partner – but not at the same moment.

A business will not “save” your relationship any more than having a child will.

It doesn’t matter who “wears the pants” in the business, as long as they fit properly.

Pillow-talk and spread-sheets make poor bedfellows.

It is easier to do business with a love partner than to make love to a business partner.

If you’re not sure whether you and your life partner should be discussing personal or business issues, take a look at the type of furniture in the room.

You can take a vacation from your business, but never from your relationship.

Is your relationship in the black, bleeding red ink or breaking even?

If your relationship were a business, would you want to invest in it?

Neither a business nor a child can grow up unless you let it.

If you can’t share a kitchen, you probably can’t share a business, either.

Life partners are painfully consistent. They remain exactly who they were before starting a business.

Being in love with your life partner and being in love with a business idea both feel great – and neither guarantees success.

If you don’t want to discuss something with your life partner – be it personal or business related – an “important” event will always prevent you from doing it.

If you don’t have time for your life partner, time eventually won’t have a life partner for you.

Starting a business together is like courtship: full of hope, optimism and unrealistic expectation.

If you feel compelled to change the way your life partner does business – get over it.

In business, as in a relationship, never expect to receive more support than you give.

Opposites attract and can drive each other crazy, including in business.

It is possible to discuss problems in the business without dragging issues from your relationship into it – and necessary.

You can be both great business partners and great life partners if you learn how to constantly switch hats without losing your head.

Most couples plan their commitment ceremony more carefully than they do their business.

Your business is like a child: it needs to be nurtured, educated, protected, supported, and allowed to grow up.

A business can’t ruin your relationship unless there isn’t much of a relationship to ruin.

A good business is like a good relationship: an overnight success years in the making.

Whatever you don’t appreciate enough in your life partner is usually of the greatest value to both your relationship and your business.

In a couple-owned business you can neither bad-mouth your boss nor complain to your life partner.

If you want a raise, would anyone but your life partner give it to you?

You can find a good business opportunity a lot easier than you can find a good life partner.

If you find it difficult to work with your life partner, it is no reflection on your relationship.

Life partnerships and business partnerships are pretty much the same: everything that is supposed to come naturally, doesn’t. Fortunately, most of it can be learned.

Mutual respect goes a long way – in love and in business.

In your business and in your relationship, you’re only as good as the last time you admitted you were wrong.

Your life partner in business with you probably has a greater tolerance for your quirks and shortcomings than anyone else would.

Couples in business are like no other couples and no other businesses.