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By Marta Vago on July, 23, 2018

Nothing expresses more clearly who you are and what you value than how you use our time. Our use of time tells no lies. We can’t say we value our family if we spend no time with them. We can’t claim we value physical fitness if we devote no time […]


By Marta Vago on June, 11, 2018

Are your energies and attention focused on activities that support your aspirations and help you reach important goals effectively and efficiently? Or, are your efforts compromised by negative influences, bad habits, wasteful indulgences, and toxic people or weighed down by superfluous possessions, distractions, grudges, blames, and seductive fantasies?   Give […]


By Marta Vago on May, 28, 2018

It is the choices and commitments you make mindfully and consistently that create the self you want to experience and live with today and going forward. The following list highlights aspects of you that are important to protect and nourish.   Self-respect: letting nothing or no one ever compromise it. […]


By Marta Vago on May, 21, 2018

Many people don’t know the difference between excellence and perfectionism, since many of us were brought up to believe that excellence means doing everything perfectly all the time and being equally perfect at everything, like getting As in every subject in school. Yet, the most successful people were rarely straight-A […]


By Marta Vago on May, 7, 2018

It’s been said that the doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. I’d say it’s the other way around: Decide the life you want to live and it will help you decide which doors to open and close each day. Of course, there are situations […]


By Marta Vago on April, 30, 2018

Most people seek counseling or coaching to either resolve a crisis or to solve problems that had proven resistant to previous efforts to do so. In my experience, few people choose to move beyond problem solving to engage in what I call “life enhancement.”   Life enhancement, as I define […]


By Marta Vago on April, 2, 2018

Believing in yourself is acknowledging what you already are, what you already have and what you’ve already done. In other words, it’s believing in everything you have become and accomplished up to this point in your life: be it a degree, specialized skill, title or position, or money acquired through […]