Trusted Advisor to People-of-Accomplishment and Family Enterprise


Marta Vago’s professional life is devoted to the support of highly successful entrepreneurs, artists, public figures and families in business. Her approach is based on a unique blend of behavioral science, business, and the arts; with decades as a trusted advisor to many of our culture’s leaders and role models.

Marta approaches her clients with dedication, enthusiasm, excitement and a deep sense of wonder. Her capacity to learn is tempered by the humility that can only be earned through a life that took no shortcuts. After her native Hungary fell to communism, Marta Vago’s family emigrated to the United States. A gifted piano prodigy, Marta entered the hallowed halls of the Juilliard School where she learned discipline, artistry and refinement. After graduating, Marta discovered she was far more fulfilled when making a difference in other people’s lives. Dr. Vago holds graduate degrees in psychology, social work, and music. Her professional life blossomed with the discovery of Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, which underpins today’s most advanced coaching practices.

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Out of her home base in Los Angeles, Marta Vago became an internationally recognized expert in family business and personal high performance. Her career-to-date is punctuated with adventure:

Recipient of the Family Firm Institute’s prestigious International Award for promoting the understanding and successful of family enterprise between countries.

Helped launch Family Business Australia sponsored by National Australia Bank, Deloitte-Touche Tohmatsu, Minter-Ellison, J.B. Were Company, Arnold Bloch Liebler, Boyd Partners. Organizational launch took place in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide with 20 lectures and training seminars.

Held the first seminar for Business and Professional Women in Chile, sponsored by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, and was featured in Paula Magazine, and the financial section of El Mercurio,

In Singapore, consultant to multi-billion dollar closely held company, and interviewed by CNBC Asia on “Women in Business,” Bloomberg Television regarding “Challenges to Family Business in the New Millennium,” and a feature article in The Peak

Served as Professional-in-Residence in the Family and Closely-Held Business Program at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Has led additional seminars, delivered keynotes and hosted business programs in Tel Aviv, Budapest, Mexico City, and throughout Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Today, Marta Vago serves a select international clientele. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband, concert pianist Stephen Manes.